We are an agricultural technology company that researches processes and techniques for the Macaúba production chain and other native species.

We are bringing Nature to Market. We are allowing a native tree to fulfil its business potential through the development of novelty technologies in Genetics and Agriculture Techniques.

Acrotech has a dedicated team able to develop unique solutions for global Agricultural Challenges.



Acrotech carries out an extensive work of mapping and selecting the commercial genetic materials.

In 2013, the company started its Macaúba breeding program, based on the selection of high-yield mother plants, which will give rise to the first varieties of the species.


Acrotech implemented a germplasm bank that is constantly growing, in order to preserve the rich Macaúba's genetic variability and ensure the basis of genetic improvement programs of the company.



Acrotech has pioneered a dormancy breaking protocol for Macaúba seeds, allowing cuttings to produce at large commercial scale, thus making it possible to develop high productivity planted areas and the entire production chain. 

We have also developed dormancy breaking protocols for other species such as Buriti, Babaçu, Inajá, Gariroba and several types of native palm trees.


We developed a clonning protocol, where mother plants are selected according to qualitative and quantitative characteristics, in order to accelerate the genetic improvement process, generate significant productivity increase and meet specific market demands.



We have developed a technological package for the production of seedlings based on modern and sustainable practices, with natural and biodegradable raw materials.


Together with the genetic material, the quality of the seedling is fundamental for the good development of the cultivation and the success of the projects.


Acrotech has been working on the research of innovative vegetation growth and agronomic cultivation techniques for more than 14 years. We have built a solid knowledge on planting, fertilizing, plague and disease control as well as harvesting operations. All these are fundamental to commercial agriculture success.

We conduct up-to-date agronomic practices using the most modern and sustainable tools available which are aligned to current agriculture and environmental legislation as well as the protection of local populations.

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